1. What is the process to adopt a dog?

he first step is simple: just sniff out our website and see which furry guy makes your heart skip a beat! Found it? Now simply complete the form telling a little bit about yourself and listing some important points. Immediately after this process, you will receive an email with information about the NGO and schedule your visit to the Club, this way you can meet your future best friend in person.

And if everything works out well (and we have our fingers crossed!), you will be leaving with your doggy. Obviously we will keep in touch to provide support, to know if your furry friend adapted well, and answer possible questions you might have. 

2. Can I visit the dogs in person?

Yes, it's imperative that you meet your friend in person before adoption! The NGO is there to do the honors and tell you a little bit about the pup. After that, you have all the time in the world to chat and have fun.

3. If more than one person is interested in the same dog, what will define who gets to adopt it?

During your contact with the NGO, you will be informed if other people are interested in the pooch. And since the adoption can only occur after a visit, the NGO will suggest some dates for you to meet the dog, okay? The Club will privilege those who visit the dog first.

4. How long will it take to get feedback about the adoption of the dog I am interested in?

An answer with the initial information to continue with the adoption process will come really quickly via email. It's important to point out that after receiving the phone number of the NGO you will need to contact us to schedule the big day!

5. Are the dogs vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, and healthy?

yes. All our furry friends at the NGO have been dewormed, vaccinated and neutered. The Club takes really good care of them and is at your disposal to answer all your questions.

6. Will I have any expense with the NGO during or after the adoption of the doggy?

None. The adoption process is free and involves a lot of love, since every pooch is important. And to start off on this new phase of your life and theirs, you also get a kit containing products that we carefully chose for you.

7. What happens if the pet doesn't adapt or vice-versa?

It's normal to take a little time for you and your furry friend to get used to each other; after all, everything is new, but don't despair! The NGO will be in contact with you, and if your little friend doesn't adapt to the new home, the Club will take it back with open arms.