Rescue Dogz is an idea stemming from a partnership between Güd and the NGO Clube dos Vira-Latas to help rescue dogs find a new home.

The idea came from the fact that writing the name of certain breeds of dogs is really complicated - and people make mistakes when typing a search on Google when looking to buy a dog.

That's where Rescue Dogz came in. The project names the rescue dogs with the misspelled name of their breed typed on Google. This way, every time someone misspells the name of the breed, the person is impacted by the little pooch named after that term.


1.2.1 The first access will be on (;

1.2.2 On entering the site, the person (adopter) interested in adopting a pet simply needs to click on the tab "see the other dogs" to view all animals available for adoption.

1.2.3 On this page, the adopter needs to choose the dog that touched him/her and click on the picture to learn more about the pet.

1.2.4 By clicking on the picture, the adopter will be taken to the furry friend's page that contains a little of the life story of the pooch, pictures and other relevant information.

1.2.5 After analyzing all the information and, if the interest for the animal persists, the adopter will complete an adoption form.

1.2.6 After filling in the form, the adopter will receive an email with the telephone number of the NGO in order to schedule a visit and meet the new friend in person.

1.2.7 On the day of the visit, the owners of the NGO will ask a series of questions to make sure the dog matches the lifestyle and personality of the adopter. If so, the person can take the furry friend home on the same day.

1.2.8 The next step is to complete the adoption certificate. On the certificate, the adopter will sign a clause stating that he/she agrees with the policies of the NGO (for more information, request a copy of the policy from the NGO).

1.2.9 The entire adoption process is a responsibility of the NGO Clube dos Vira-Latas. The dog food brand Güd will join the action only as a facilitator/sponsor of the initiative and has no legal responsibility for the adopter after the adoption process.


1.3.1 Only people 21 or older are eligible to participate after completing the form required at the website.

1.3.2 People with a history of mistreating animals, with prior convictions of crimes involving animals, and minors are not eligible to participate.


The action will begin on February 18 when the website goes live, following OOH advertising (bus shelters) for one month (between February 19 and March 19) and the end of the action will be on March 18.


The action will not occur in a given physical location, but rather on the website developed for the project. Nevertheless, in order to adopt a dog, the adopter will need to visit Clube dos Vira Latas - since we cannot provide the address on the NGO website in this regulation. For this reason, we can only provide the telephone number of the NGO after completing the form with the required information.